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 Bounty Hunter Tracker IV

I had heard a lot about the Tracker IV and purchased one a few weeks ago. Have gone out with it 3 times and I can understand why diggers seem to like it a lot. It is a great first machine for adults or children. It is simple to operate. Comes with a user manual. It detects all types of metals. I tried it on copper, silver, gold, etc. Worked great.  The Tracker IV comes with an 8” concentric coil which is pretty standard for your entry level detector. You can use this detector at the beaches in dry, white sand. However it will not perform well if you use on wet salt water sand, but neither do the others under $500. If the sand is wet from rain, you will be okay. The coil is waterproof. Uses two standard 9 volt alkaline batteries. The batteries install a little tight so you have to be careful installing. Has a 5 year warranty.


Tested On Bounty Hunter Land Ranger Pro

Garrett AT Pro

Garrett Z-Link Wireless

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  1. TiffanyBryant4 says:

    Just purchased the Bounty Hunter Tracker IV. Hope it does well, i’m new to metal detectors and was considering a $300 dollar one. Went with this one because its way cheaper and from the review, i’m sure it wont disappoint me.

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