Magnet Fishing

What Is Magnet Fishing?

Magnet Fishing is the act of fishing with a very powerful magnet attached to a rope.  However we are not trying to catch fish, we are trying to attract metal objects to the magnet.

Over time many metal items have been disposed of or dropped into many  bodies of water like rivers, lakes or streams. These metal items include relics,  gadgets, fishing equipment, jewelry  and many  interesting metal items.

In recent years Magnet fishing has become increasingly popular and more and more people are getting started in this wonderful hobby every day. Magnet Fishing is a perfect add-to for Metal Detecting.

Magnet Fishing Code Of Conduct

  1. No Trespassing.  Always get permission from the landowner.
  2. Report all finds of historical importance if required by your state or country. Know what the laws are.
  3. Report any suspicious finds ( firearms, ammo, etc. ) to the police or local authorities.
  4. Leave all areas like you found them or better condition. , Do not leave unwanted items left lying around.  Dispose of them correctly and  PLEASE do not throw them back into the water.
  5. Get a permission and release of liability form signed and have a copy with you.

Best Places To Magnet Fish

There are many places that are suitable for magnetic fishing.  Find somewhere it’s not too deep,  not too muddy and free of limbs, branches or tree trunks. Secondly, it’s good if it’s not too muddy .  Obviously,  it needs to be a place where people congregate.

Old wells have proven to be very rich in old finds; both those that have been dropped and those that have been intentionally thrown into the well. Use extreme caution as these can be dangerous. Swimming holes, bridges, piers and harbors, both new and old, are good places. Rivers, canals and streams that have good flow ,  are  almost guaranteed. Most things may be just scrap or junk, but some finds will be worth the time and effort.  Remember it’s the fun and excitement that counts.

Always carry your magnet fishing kit with you. You never know when you might spot a place to do some magnet fishing.

How Do I Clean My Magnet?

Just as other equipment needs to be clean, so does your magnet.

I like to use an old toothbrush or other soft to medium bristle brush to give it a going over after every trip.

Then  dry off with an soft rag this will be more than sufficient. This will get rid of any of the iron sand or gunk that builds up.

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