Minelab Go- Find 60 Metal Detector Review

Good evening to all our members.

Today I have added to our Review Page a new video review on the Minelab Go – Find 60 Metal Detector. I am hearing good things about this metal detector.  I am looking forward to trying it out, if the days ever get cooler. If any of you have one, how about posting your comments on it.

Go-Find 60 weighs 2.4 pounds, it is very light weighted. This is an MD-transformer and you need just several seconds to get it ready to work.

The coil is rectangular with rounded corners, it looks rather unusual and it has highly consistent performance – due to its shape it is impossible to miss any spots when scanning the land area.

The device case is made of high endurance and wear proof plastic, providing that the device is properly used it doesn’t require any additional protection accessories.

The coil of MINELAB Go-Find 60 is completely waterproof and it can be put under water (but just the coil, not the MD itself!). The obvious advantage of this metal detector is that the cable connected to the coil is hidden into the shaft and it won’t hook onto bushes when using the device.

Its display is highly informative and user-friendly. On the upper side of the display there is an adjustable discrimination scale that consists of just four pictograms with easy to understand target images peculiar to each segment.

Adjustment of the discrimination level is the most important thing in any metal detector setting. Here you just have to push the button several times to exclude some targets from the searching process or, on the contrary, to make the device sense them again.

Below the discrimination scale there are pictograms and scales of some additional functions. The user may turn them off or on, or set the proper level.

The metal detector allows turning on the display light, adjusting the device sensitivity level, monitoring information about the target depth, battery charge level, making audio signal level higher or lower.

The fact that MINELAB Go-Find 60 model has Bluetooth function is a cherry on top of all above mentioned. This function lets you by means of a special mobile app transfer information about your findings to a smart phone.

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