Bounty Hunter Land Ranger Pro – Follow Up

As many of you know, I purchased a Bounty Hunter Land Ranger Pro to try out, as I heard and read many excellent reviews on it. The more I use it and learn its quirks, the more I like it.  I even ordered a case for it as Amazon had them on sale.  As the Land Ranger Pro takes some learning and figuring out, I thought I would list some settings to get those of you using or thinking about purchasing one.

Mode 2: VCO from 20-99.  Extending V-Break should make a low tone .  VB setting  Point from 01-37

Mode 4: Disc to 25. Set V Break to 29.  You will have 4 tones. Foil is low tone 30-39. Medium tone is 40-60 is VCO . 60-99 is high. If pull tabs are showing up in 37-40 range, set the notch width to 4, run it up to 41. Everything in the 37-41 range will be silent. Nickels should show up below 37 (32-35) on an air test.

These settings work good for me in my area. We have a lot of red dirt. Some adjustment may be necessary for your area.  Remember, ALWAYS GROUND BALANCE !

Happy Metal Detecting,


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