Recommendations When Operating your Detector


1. Always gain written permission when detecting on private property. Keep it on you while detecting. Metal Detecting Club has a nice professional permission form. If you would like a copy, just send a request. FREE !

2. Learn all of your state and federal laws and know how they apply to
metal detecting.

3. Be careful to wear protective clothing especially to guard yourself from
the elements.

4. Wear gloves at all times when recovering metal objects. I learned this the hard way.

5. Do not wear headphones when it is critical to be able to hear any
oncoming traffic or imminent threats from wild animals. Safety First !

6. Pace yourself and try to take a restful break at least every hour.

7. Wear high boots to protect yourself from snake bites.

8. Attempt to be friendly and polite to all those you meet; make a good
impression as a representative of the hobby.

9. Carry sunscreen with you to prevent skin damage.

10. Wear a metal detector cap with a visor to increase visibility and prevent eye strain.

11. Clean up after yourself.  Remove any trash you find. Leave area as you found it or better.

12. Always be considerate of others when detecting.

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