How To Dig A Perfect Plug

I got a request the other day concerning on how to dig a plug that will be easy to replace neatly and look nice. It’s always very important to not upset the land owner.

Here are a few tips:

1.  When you come across and pin point a target  you want to dig, take out your hand digger and get down on your knees. From the exact                spot  your target is, back off about 3-5” and stick your digger in the ground.

2.  In a  counter -clockwise motion, start cutting away at the grass sod until you’ve formed a horseshoe shape around your target. Do not                cut a complete circle.

3.  When cutting into the grass, be sure to go down at least 3 inches. You don’t want to kill any of the grass roots.

4.  Once you’ve cut around your target, use your digger to pry open and flip the plug onto it’s head. 

5.  Take out a piece of  tarp. A 1 x 2 foot piece works good. Lay it down in the grass  in front of the hole.

6.  If you don’t see your target right away, use your handheld pin pointer to first check the plug and  hole.

7.  Any dirt you remove from plug or hole should be placed on your tarp.

8.   Once you’ve found your target, lift up both ends of your tarp and slide any dirt back into the hole.

9.  Flip your plug  over into the hole and press down firmly with your foot several times. Using  your hand, brush the grass so it’s not matted       down. If the hinge breaks, don’t worry,  just carefully replace in hole.  Just make sure the spot loos as good or better than when you dug.

I hope these tips will help you do a professional job. 

Good Luck “Dirt Fishing”.


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